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Meridian Supply Corp

Company Name:
Meridian Supply Corp
Company/Business Type:
We Require:
no details
Main Products or Service:
Plastic film,Packaging,Paper,Shrink film,Poly Bag
Staff/Employee Total:
11 - 50 People People
United States
Rubber & Plastics - Plastic Products
Located Address:
P.O. Box 119
Official Website:
Target Markets(Continent):
North America
Certified By:
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Target Customers:
no details
Manufacturing Type:
no details
Company Capital:
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Contact Information
Company Name:
Meridian Supply Corp
Sale Manager:
Mr. Johnson Chien
Zip Code:
Tel Number:
Fax Number:
Detail Information
We are the Importer of various Plastic & Paper for Packagingbr/and Gift Wrap. If you may offer these products, br/please forward the correspondence to:br/Meridian Supply Box 119br/Frisco, TX 75034, 973575-9999br/Fax: 973575-7009br/Johnson Chien
Basic Information is the Best Online Business Yellow Page For Enterprises. You Could Find Most Enterprises,Factorys,Agency,Suppliers,Trading Company on Meridian Supply Corp is a Plastic Products Company Located in P.O. Box 119 Frisco Texas United States. Main Products/Services Ranges:Plastic film,Packaging,Paper,Shrink film,Poly Bag and Selling to North America
. If want to know More about Meridian Supply Corp, Please Contact Mr. Johnson Chien via Tel Number 1-973-575-9999 or Send email.
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United States Texas Frisco 75034 P.O. Box 119
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